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poignées ICE Slice noir
poignées ICE Slice noir rouge
poignées ICE Slice noir gold (2)
poignées ICE Slice noir bleu
poignées ICE Slice noir gold
poignées ICE Slice noir  detail
poignées ICE Slice bleu
poignées ICE Slice bleu (2)

Our ICE SLICE grips were especially designed for BMX Racing, even if they can also provide great performances in MTB.

Their 2 types of slats andlower rectangle combined with conical frame allow the hands to remain wedged more easily towards the inside of the grip.  Designed to provide an extreme precision of riding.

With a Ø29mm diameter & a weight of 102 gr (3.57 oz) for the pair, safety and precision will be waiting for you on the next ride !
Light but strong, these grips are thin and provide one of a good grip !

Not only good-looking... 

• Simple Alloy lock-on 
• Tapered gripper for more control and to keep the hand in position.

• Super-stiff closed frame
• Ultra-thin but confortable pattern 
• Ø 29 mm
• Length : 130 mm
• Weight : 102 g / 3.59 oz

Available in a lot of different colors


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