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poignées ICE Octopus bleu
poignées ICE Octopus rouge
poignée ICE OCTOPUS noir
poignées ICE Octopus bleu
poignées ICE Slice rouge

Our ICE OCTOPUS grips feature a special design of relief pattern providing an excellent grip & feeling while staying confortable during your ridings. Designed to provide an extreme precision of riding and a true confort !

With a Ø29mm diameter & a weight of 98 gr (3.45 oz) for the pair, safety and precision will be waiting for you on the next ride !

Light but strong, these grips are thin and provide one of a good grip !
Not only good-looking...


• Simple Alloy lock-on 
• Spuer-stiff closed frame
• Ultra-thin but confortable pattern 
• Ø 29 mm
• Length : 130 mm
• Weight : 98 g / 3.45 oz

Available in a lot of different colors




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